Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Some doodles for an upcoming illustration of 'Aladdin' that I'm working on with mah buddeh Michelle. She's doing the writing and I'm doing the drawing. IT WILL BE EPIC BECAUSE I SAY SO. Hmmmm yah, it's pretty much for a charity project run by the deviant jiyei. I think that's how you spell her name. Anywho, it's pretty awesome and it's called 'Think Of The Children', because all the proceeds go to UNICEF. WOO. Go unicef! I remember wearin those things at halloween.... when I was .. smaller. 8D''

So yah.
If you want more information on who's in it and stuff (which I'm sure you don't need cause no even watched this freaking sketch blog) you can go to THE WEBSITE. Has all the information you'll need. ;D