Wednesday, November 21, 2007



Tsubasa SLASHTASTIC. I caved. I'm sorry. ;_;


aaand....THERE I DID IT OKAY. Aarghass... and it was fun. : )


Sillux said...

Shiz, you drew Kuro so well! I know he's a bitch to do, but man you figured out how to do a very pretty Kuro <3
Give poor little Fay a hug D:

You were right. I don't have a clue about what's going aside that I'm expecting some very angsty lol
Me wants the other mangas now D:

There, got an account just for ya, happy? xD

Ryoko said...

Eee, you draw Tsubasa people so pretty. I'm sorta glad that I actually got into the series. x]

Poor guys, they look so sad.

draiad said...

I think you've managed to give my favorite interpretation (hogawd so spelt that wrong) of Fai. He looks amazing in this.