Friday, January 25, 2008

Llevyathan - FDA

Sketchy sketch!

An update of the infamous sketch.

It's Llev! I haven't been drawing much of anything lately, unless it's school or work related. So here's something I started in Art History (I love that class beacuse I can draw T_T). I dunno if I'll finish it now, but I want to. ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

Edit: Update. : ) It's slow going, but I'm still sketching and shading this pic. I have no idea where it's gonna end up. i had something different in mind when I started, but oh well. And yes I can see the glaring anatomical errors thnx. 8D


Jenn Laidlaw said...

Dang, I love how you draw arms and arm muscles. They're just gorgeous. And all of the detail you put into outfits and details are just amazing also. His hands also look fantastic. Wonderful job. I love it.

Anonymous said...

There's not much I can say that jenn already hasn't said....

Other than I just adore the way you represent his "magic". It's so flowy and smooth and yet the complex pattern seems to reveal a different nature - like it's something that could be used for good or evil. Maybe I'm just reading/seeing too far into it, but there's my opinion.

And his freckles. -hugs-