Monday, February 02, 2009

Spot Drawings

Character Name : Medium

Arabesque : Copics + Watercolour Paper

Charon : Ink + Copic Toner
Dominique: Pencil Crayon

Asmodeus : Scratch Board

Desmond : Watercolour

Desmond : Watercolour

Noir : White Pencil Crayon + Black Layout Paper

Riley Finch : Brush Pen

Velvetine (March Hare) : Watercolour + Pencil Crayon + Indigo Pencil Lead

Chiraa : Pencil Crayon + Coloured Paper

Llevyathan : Ink + Marker + Pencil Crayon

Lazuli : Pencil Crayon + Coloured Pencil

1 comment:

Lucinda said...

You are amazing. *inserts straw and sucks out brain* And with all kinds of mediums. Velvetine and Finch make facial hair look hot. The etching is breathtaking. And Llev! I haven't seen him for ages. Your oc's are all way too much fun to look at. <3