Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Environments 2.o

The colour makes me want to die a little, but I'm learning, and I'll live.


Atrian said...

Aww, but I love seeing your work with colour. I'm currently taking a colour theory class as well, and it's so fun to see another take on this kind of design.

Atrian said...

Also (sorry for broken up comments; just through of adding this) in my colour class we exclusively use gouache paint. I haven't taken traditional painting classes yet, and I'm more used to digital painting, so it's very hard and frustrating to do details of any kind. T_T I have the same teacher next semester for my painting classes, so she has promised to specifically go over brushes with me then, so I will probably redo most of my colour assignments afterwords for my portfolio. I am way jealous that you get to do stuff digitally.

But oh man, one day I want to be on your level. Your use of perspective and lighting is so well placed! I am no where near that skill in design. Did your classes go over that kind of thing or are you self taught? My classes mainly go over traditional graphic design techniques like Mama, papa, baby bear or the golden spot.